Bad Credit Loans in Seattle

If you need money now, but have bad credit, we may be able to help you. At Seattle Cash Services, we can help with bad credit loans. Take a minute and get a free quote by filling out the form below. It takes just a few minutes, so let’s get started.

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We Can Help You Get A Loan

At Seattle Cash Services, we are not direct lenders and you should be happy about that. A direct lender is hard to get an approval from if you need a bad credit loan. They have a set of requirements that you must meet. If you come up short, you get denied and that is that.

No, we do not issue loans and we do not make credit decisions. Instead, we get you access to a larger group of lenders. The more lenders that you can get in front of, the better your odds of getting an approval, even with bad credit. It also helps that many of these lenders are used to dealing with bad credit. They often say yes when others say no.

Ready to get started? Here is what you need to do:

Fill out your quote form.

Fill out the form at the top of the page by entering just a bit of information about yourself. Things like how much you need, how you make your money and your contact information.

Submit your quote form.

When you are done, simply submit the form and wait for your answer. If you get approved for a bad credit loan, you will be taken to the website of the individual lender making you an offer. There you can review the terms of the deal.

Make your loan decision.

After reviewing the terms of the offer, you can decide whether or not to accept the offer. If you like it, you can have money in your account as soon as the very next business day. If you do not like the offer, you can just turn it down and walk away.

Bad Credit Loan Choices

When it comes to bad credit loans in Seattle, you have a number of choices, depending on your qualifications of course. If you need money and your credit has seen better days, take a look at some possible choices.

Payday Loans

Payday loans are the traditional bad credit loan. They require minimal qualifications and if you have never defaulted on one before and have an income, you can probably qualify.

The good thing about payday loans is that, like we just said, they are easy to qualify for. It is one of the last forms of credit that people can depend on. These loans are also fast to fund and easy to apply for. If you want one, you can apply online and, if approved, you can get your money as soon as the very next business day.

Of course, there is a bad side to every loan and payday loans are no exception. Because of the very short loan term and the high fees that the loan carries, the APR is very high. Payday loan APR’s generally start at around 400 percent and can go much higher.

Personal Loans

To qualify for a personal loan, your credit rating generally has to be a bit higher, but you can still qualify for one with what is considered bad credit.

A personal loan will generally have a lower interest rate than a payday loan but the loan term will be longer. This means that you might ultimately pay more money in interest and fees, even with a lesser rate.

The good thing about a personal loan is that they are generally divided up into multiple payments. That can make the loan ultimately easier to pay off than a payday loan which would require one single payment.

The bad is that the interest can still be high, especially with bad credit.

Title Loans

One of the newer types of loans on the market is the title loan. They have been around for awhile but have recently gained popularity. This is much do to the restrictions placed on payday loan lenders by states.

With a title loan, a borrower places their free and clear car or truck title up as collateral for a loan. This makes the loan secured and easier to be approved for, making it one of the top bad credit loans.

The good thing about a title loan is that it is easy to qualify for and that you can get more than you could with a payday loan. In Seattle, you can only take out a payday loan in the amount of 700 dollars or less.

The bad and there is a lot of bad, is that you stand to lose the use of your vehicle. If you default on the loan, the lender can and will take your vehicle. In addition, even though the loan is secured, it is still a high interest loan. The APR’s can come close to those of a payday loan.

Pawn Loans

Last on our list of bad credit loans is the pawn shop loan. With this type of loan, you place an item of value up for pawn and get cash in return. The pawn shop gives you only a small portion of the value of the item as a loan and if you default, you lose your property.

On the plus side, this loan is also very easy to qualify for with bad credit. It is a secured loan and the pawn shop has little to lose. In addition, it is fast to fund and you can typically have your money the same day.

On the negative side of things, you stand to lose property and the fees and interest are still high. You pay a high interest rate pluse storage and documentation fees. It is not a cheap loan, but no loan is cheap with bad credit.

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