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If you need money now in Seattle, we can help. Seattle Cash Services can help you get a quote for the money that you need and it takes just minutes.

Somebody who needs money now.

Other Options If You Need Money Fast

A loan is a fast and convenient option, but it might not be for everyone. If you would rather not take out a loan, here are some other choices for you to consider.

Sell Some Property

There are a lot of ways to sell property for cash in a hurry in Seattle and you probably have more items than you think to sell. Grab a clothes basket and take a tour of your home. Look for things that you rarely, if ever use that still have value. Anything that you have not used in six months is fair game.

Jewelry, designer clothes, even video games. It can all help you get the money that you need now. Once you have your items, here is how you sell them.


The Seattle Craigslist page is an excellent and free option for selling your old property. Depending on the item being sold, it could sell the same day or even in a matter of hours.

With Craigslist, there are two things that you need to keep in mind for a successful sale.

First, you need to keep an eye out for scammers because there are a lot of them. Only accept cash for your items, even if someone offers to send you a check for full price or more. Also, be sure to meet in person. Shipping is uusually not a good idea with this website.

Second, you need to keep safety in mind. Always meet in a public place during the daytime hours. If possible, try not to allow people to come to your home. This can be difficult with larger items however. If you must have someone come to your home, try to have somebody with you.

Facebook Marketplace

New on the scene in Seattle is Facebook Marketplace. It can help you get money now by taking advantage of the huge Facebook community.

The great thing about Facebook is the ability to communicate with a larger group. Everyone is interconnected on Facebook and that can help your items sell fast.

Another benefit is that there seems to be less scammers on this website. They are still out there, but they are not as common as on Craigslist. Still, you should use the same precautions. Only accept cash and meet at a public location during the daytime hours.


If you need money right now, this might not be the best option, but if you could wait a few days, it could do the trick.

The website eBay is not all about auctions. You can also list your item as a “Buy It Now” listing. This can get you the money much faster.

If you need the money fast and want to use eBay, the trick is to price your item correctly. Look at similar items and find what their final auction price is. Then, list your item 10 percent less as a “Buy It Now” listing. If it is a popular item, it is almost guaranteed to sell fast, probably in hours.

Once you have your item sold, you can require the buyer to pay immediately via Paypal. You can then get the money instantly transferred to your account and your money issues are solved.

Donate Your Plasma

Did you know that you can make up to 400 dollars in a month by donating plasma.

That is over the course of a month, but you can get 50 dollars right now and then another 50 dollars a few days later. With plasma donation, you are allowed to donate multiple times a week and that can give you a consistent stream of extra money.

Plasma is used in a number of life saving treatments for everything from liver disease to clotting disorders. It is in high demand and companies are willing to pay you for it.

It takes about an hour to donate plasma, making it a good return on your time. So, if you are okay with a needle, why not do some good and make some money at the same time.

Ask A Friend

If you have a friend that is a little better off than you, perhaps you could borrow a few bucks from them. This is not an option that everyone likes to go with, but if you need money now, it might work for you. With services like Zelle, the person does not even have to be in Seattle.

The key to making a loan between friends work is to treat it like you would a bank loan. Get everything in writing and make timely payments.

It may seem impersonal to put a loan between friends in writing but it is in everyone’s best interest. Memories get blurry and one or both parties could very easily forget the amount or details of the loan.

Get it all in writing and never pay back the money in cash. You need to have proof that you paid the loan back. This means pay the loan back electronically or with a check. That way if there is every any doubt, you have proof.

Get A Part Time Job

Okay, it won’t get you money right now but it can provide long term relief. If you find yourself in need of short term loans often, it is something that you should consider.

In Seattle, you have a lot of options for part time work.

The easiest, is retail and grocery work. Stores like Target and Walmart are always hiring, more so than ever these days. In addition, because these stores are open all day or nearly that much, you should easily be able to find a shift that fits your schedule.

The good thing about getting a part time job is that it can help to solve your current problem and will give you the means to later start saving. A well funded emergency savings is crucial for financial stability.

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