If you are looking for a payday loan store in Mercer Island, you are in luck. Welcome to Seattle Cash Services where you can get access to the payday loans and cash advances that you need. If you need emergency money, time is critical. If you are already familiar with these loans, the fastest way to get approved and get your money is to apply online. Apply online now. To learn more about your options, keep reading.

What does a payday loan store offer?

Short term loans. When you need a small loan for a short term, a cash advance is a good option, especially if you do not have access to conventional funding. A payday loan is easy to qualify for and funds very quickly. To qualify for one of thee loans all you need is a checking account and a job.

How does the loan process work?

It is very simple. You apply online and answer a few questions. The application generally takes only a few minutes. Once approved, the money will be deposited into your checking account on the next business day. When the loan is due to be repaid, the repayment is withdrawn directly from this same checking account. Simple and easy.


  • Can I qualify with bad credit?
    Absolutely, payday and cash advance lenders are not as strict with their requirements. As long as you have not defaulted on a payday loan, you should be approved.
  • How much will I be charged for the money?
    This will depend on your lender. Be sure to get all information on a loan before you commit to it. Most lenders are very up front about fees and charges.
  • How long is the loan term?
    Most loans will need to be repaid within 10 to 14 days.
  • Why do I need a checking account?
    Your lender will deposit money directly to this account. They will also take the repayment from this account.
  • What if I apply on a Friday?
    Once approved, the money will be deposited on the next bank business day, so you will get your money on Monday. Holidays may also delay payments.
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