Not all emergencies happen during the week. If you find yourself in need of money on the weekend, you might be looking for a way to apply for a payday loan. At Seattle Cash Services, our website is open all of the time and we allow you to apply for a loan any day, even Saturday. If you are ready to secure your cash advance, go on and apply online for the quickest approval.

If you are new to internet payday loans, take some time and become an informed consumer. Here is the information that you need.

Saturday Payday Loan Approval

Applying for a payday loan on Saturday is easy. Just click on the link at the top of the page to get started. To qualify, you must have two simple things. You will need a job and a valid checking account. With these two things, the vast majority of people we easily get approved.

Before you start the application process, let’s talk about what a payday loan is. Payday loans are very short term loans for limited amounts of money. Loans are for under $1000 and are due within two weeks. Applicants should know that fees for these loans are ver high. When expressed as interest rates, they are much higher than what a traditional bank would charge. This is because these are high risk unsecured loans. If lenders could not charge high rates, there would be no lenders.

Important Loan Facts

  • You can get approved on Saturday.
    You can get approval for your payday loan on Saturday but it will only fund on a bank business day. This is because your loan is funded directly into your checking account. This means the banks must be open.
  • Fees are based on the amount borrowed.
    Borrow only what you need to get you by. The more that you borrow, the higher your fees will be. If you borrow more than you actually need, the loan will be harder to repay.
  • You can only take out one loan at a time.
    Taking out more than one loan with multiple vendors can take you down the road of financial ruin. Use these loans cautiously.
  • Loans are due in a very short time.
    These loans by definition are designed to get you by until you get paid again. As such, they are due within two weeks most of the time.
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